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27th May 2023

A 'New' Blog Theme
For some time now I have wanted to change the blog's theme. This morning, I finally found one that I liked. And, well, you'd be forgiven for not noticing any difference because it does look rather like the last one. I don't know what the original theme was called so I could have picked it again by accident.

Another thing I have long wanted to do was change the blog's colour scheme. What I had in mind was making the blog predominantly white so that the text could be blue. Well, as you can see, I haven't quite managed that. 

Unless I get lots of e-mails from people complaining about the look of the blog, however, I think that this is how I will leave it for now. Firstly, because Blogger is really user unfriendly. It doesn't seem to like you making any changes at all. Secondly, actually, it's probably my fault for being a techno-simpleton. Thirdly,  actually really like the blue colour scheme, after all. The blue, by the way, is meant to represent the Blessed Virgin.

If you do have any comments about the theme, please do let me know

It was a great Week in Saints this week: Bede on Thursday, Philip Neri yesterday, and St. Augustine of Canterbury today. Augustine wasn't the first missionary to bring Christianity to Britain but he did start the Christianisation of our Anglo-Saxon forebears so is a central figure in this country's history. 

As an Englishman, next week's calendar is a bit more awkward since it contains Joan of Arc. It's never easy acknowledging that France bested us in a fight! 

(Since this is the internet, for the avoidance of doubt, I love France. Like many of my people, I also like bantering her). 

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