Blog Archive

Welcome to the BCB Temporary Archive. 

My policy for the list of British Catholic Bloggers is to only include blogs on the main list that have been updated in the current year, or the two proceeding. This helps keep it reasonably up-to-date. My policy for the archive has been to only include blogs whose last update was in the two years prior to that. Hence, the main list currently includes blogs updated between 2021-23, while the archive holds blogs whose last updates were in either 2019 or 2020. 

Why not simply delete any blog that has not posted for more than two years? Occasionally bloggers decide to start blogging again. It doesn't happen often - very rarely, in fact - but if I simply deleted any blog that was last updated over two years ago, I might never see it when it does happen. The archive, therefore, acts as a kind of halfway house. If a blog has not been updated after four plus years, I think it is a reasonable assumption that the blogger has quit permanently.

In May 2023 I finished this year's update of the BCB List. God willing, the next update will next be in January 2024.


If you use the archive and find any blogs that have since been deleted or made private feel free to contact me at to let me know.