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30th March 2015

I appreciate this probably says more about me than anyone else but I really enjoy genuflecting. It makes me feel like a medieval knight, part of something great and noble.

The fact that I am bowing before something that really is great and noble - the Blessed Sacrament - stops the act from being a personal eccentricity and makes it a basic necessity of Catholic life. It is such a shame, therefore, when people give no more than a little bob or to ignore it altogether. The Lord is present! Son of the Father, Master over death, Love Himself! He is present before us. What a reality that is.

Really, we should be flat on the ground, and I think once upon a time Christians did prostrate themselves so a good genuflection is the least we can do.

I don't want to present myelf as being the perfect genuflector (if that is a word). When I prepare the sanctuary for Mass, I often genuflect in only a perfunctory manner. To stop this, I try to kneel - pause - say "My Lord and My God" - pause - rise. Those beautiful words help me to focus on, bring myself before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament be it just for a second or two.

Modern church architecture - even in churches where the tabernacle is in the middle of the Sanctuary - does not lend itself to reverent genuflection. That doesn't mean we shouldn't make an effort, though. After many years of a second rate translation of the Novus Ordo Mass, things improved - even if not perfectly so - with the current one. Maybe over time the graces that come from acknowledging the Lord in a more full-hearted way will flow out into greater attention being given by the Church into how that glorious body, blood, soul and divinity is housed.


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